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Project Description
This is a light weight version of the Gadgeteer framework. Although it lacks quite some support (making it lighter), it can be very useful to use Gadgeteer drivers and modules on non-gadgeteer hardware.

It's developed in Visual C# but when using the .NET Micro Framework 4.2, Visual Basic can also be used.

Feature requests
Of course it's possible to shoot in feature requests in the Issue Tracker, but keep in mind a lot of features are left out for a reason; to make this library as light as possible. If you want to do a feature request, please also post why (for example: "I need this feature to be able to use module X").
Graphical features will be left out, since it's just too big for many devices. If you want to use such features you should use the full framework instead.

How to download the framework
There is no final release and probably will never be one. It's all based on sourcecode. I can't make it more open source than this way ;) To download the latest release, follow these two simple steps:
1. Browse through the latest build using this direct link:
2. Click on the big download-button

If you need support
The maintainer of this framework is an active member at
If you encounter any problems, it's best to post a thread on those forums.

Legal note
The maker of this framework is not related to the Gadgeteer project in any way. This light weight version is just made to support -a part of- the Gadgeteer framework on other .NETMF devices.
No copyright infringement intended.

For the full version of the Gadgeteer framework, visit

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